Below are the presentation slide decks used at several of my speaking engagements.

SQL Server Audit – Evidence Never Lies

We’ve all heard about massive data breaches from big name companies. As a DBA, you should consider your company’s data to be the most valuable assets. So when a data breach happens at your company, will you be able to provide management with the information? If not, then discover how SQL Server Audit can help provide you with an accurate forensic analysis of who did what to your data. In this session, we’ll cover what SQL Audit can capture, how to set it up for both on-premise SQL Servers and Azure SQL Database, and finally produce reports from it.

SQL Saturday #707 – Pordenone, Italy – Feb 17, 2018
SQL Saturday #678 – Orlando, FL – Oct 7, 2017
SQL Saturday #692 – Atlanta, GA – Jul 15, 2017
SQL Saturday #610 – Richmond, VA – Mar 18, 2017
SQL Saturday #592 – Raleigh, NC – Mar 11, 2017

Policy Based Management – Beyond the Basics

Policy Based Management is a great feature of SQL Server and easy to implement; however, for most organizations you need a way to customize it to your enterprise. Join me for this session as we take a deeper dive into PBM to see how you can customize polices, evaluate those polices across your entire enterprise environment, track those changes over time, and deliver reports to management showing your progress.

SQL Saturday #544 – Spartanburg, SC – Aug 20, 2016
SQL Saturday #470 – Washington, DC – Dec 5, 2015
SQL Saturday #445 – Raleigh – Oct 10, 2015

No Money for Performance Monitoring Tools? No Problem!

So you like the idea of using one of the commercially available performance monitoring tools but can’t convince your boss to spend the money? Then join me as we explore some absolutely free tools born right out of Microsoft’s customer support teams: DiagManager and SQLNexus. We will see just how easy it is to use them to collect and analyze performance data from your SQL Servers. These tools can get you started quickly without having to deal with the red tape

SQL Saturday #452 – Charlotte – Oct 17, 2015
SQL Saturday #445 – Raleigh – Oct 10, 2015

Introduction to Columnstore Indexes

Have you heard about columnstore indexes? Maybe you’ve read about it, but not yet tested it? If you’re developing or managing data warehouses, then the columnstore index is the biggest turbo button you’ll ever get for your current hardware. Learn how SQL Server stores the data differently and how it uses new access patterns to retrieve data at blazing speeds. You’ll see the difference between clustered and non-clustered columnstore indexes as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both.

SQL Saturday #330 – Charlotte – BI Edition – Oct 4, 2014
Charlotte BI User Group – July 1, 2014