One Year Later

Wow!  It’s been one year since I launched my blog, and my how things have changed.

Accomplishments Over the Past Year
I’ve had a chance to interact with a lot of people relating to many of the posts on my blog, and even run into a few people that said “Hey I know you through your blog”. I’ve gotten much more involved in the #sqlfamily through Twitter, Stackexchange, as well as through my local SQL Server user group. Although I’ve attended meetings at my local group off and on over the past several years, I am now making a specific point to attend every meeting for both the Charlotte SQL Server User Group and the Charlotte BI Group. I’ve attended SQL Saturday’s. I’ve moved into a new job at my company, where I am now responsible for platform engineering of SQL Server for Wells Fargo Securities. I’ve gone from outdated MCP certifications to the more current MCITP: Database Administrator 2008. And most importantly, the Atlanta Braves won their first division title since 2005.

The Roadmap for the Upcoming Year
I plan to keep writing about SQL Server through my blog, as well as continue learning about SQL Server through reading other blogs. That’s one thing I learned quickly about blogging. The more I wrote about SQL Server, the more I have read. My wife keeps telling me “For someone who hates to read, you sure do read a lot.”

I had hoped to eventually get to an MCM certification, but Microsoft derailed that recently by terminating the program. So for now, I’ll continue on with the development exams for SQL Server 2008 and then move to upgrade them to the SQL Server 2012 MCSE: Data Platform. For my new job, I’m not required to have certifications, but I do need to have a more holistic view of SQL Server, rather than have a more narrow view on just the database engine. Studying for the certifications has helped in those areas that I’m less familiar with, such as Analysis Services.

In just a few more weeks I’ll be attending my first SQL PASS Summit. I have been so excited about this ever since I found out it will be hosted in my town, Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte Convention Center is right next door to where I work, and I’m obviously familiar with the surrounding area. I’ve been to the DEV Connections conference in Las Vegas before, but this will be my first PASS Summit.

I also hope to start speaking at local events. I already do this within my company, so now I want to venture out and do it in a more public arena. I might start with my local user group and move up to SQL Saturdays and beyond.

I also want to make sure I set aside plenty of time for my own family. My wife has been incredibly supportive in my blogging, attending user group meetings, and studying for certifications. I want her to know how much I’m indebted to her.

Thanks to all who have read my blog, and I hope I can continue to provide quality information.