PASS is Gone

On January 15, 2021, PASS will cease to exist.

I cannot tell you how much this disappoints me. PASS has been around for my entire database career, and now it is gone. I would not be where I am today without PASS. PASS events helped see what I was missing while siloed at my previous company. It took me about 10 years before I really got involved with PASS, and once I did, I was hooked. I could not believe how many people wanted to share their SQL experiences with the world. As a result, I too wanted to share my knowledge with the community. That is why I started this blog and started presenting at various events. The knowledge I gained from attending those events helped me become a better DBA. However, the networking opportunities were always worth more to me than any presentation. Do not get me wrong, the presentations were spot on, but the friendships I formed will last forever.

The SQL community will forge ahead, just in a different form. There are already lots of other organizations that host SQL events around the world. And if you have trouble finding one, just ask the community. We are always ready to share information.

See you all at the next SQL event!