About Patrick Keisler

I’m a husband, a father, an Atlanta Braves fan, and I know a few things about Microsoft SQL Server, because I am a Senior Customer Engineer working at Microsoft supporting SQL Server. I have been supporting databases for over 20 years and have gained considerable knowledge in SQL Server by supporting lots of different type of applications ranging from high-volume trading applications to large data warehouses. I hold several certifications for Azure, SQL Server, and CompTIA Security+.

I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a Major in Management Information Systems. I had high hopes of using my degree to become a programmer for a tech company, but I soon fell in love with the underlying data and never turned back.

This blog was created to share my knowledge of SQL Server with the hope of saving DBAs time and effort in their everyday tasks. I hope you enjoy it!

All content of this blog is the personal comments of Patrick Keisler, and do not reflect in any way the views of my employer, Microsoft Corporation.